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Mehendi, also known as henna or mehandi, is the ancient art of decorating the body with paste that is made from powdered leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis). It is traditionally applied on the hands and feet. The henna paste stain’s the skin a dark red to brown color. It is believed to have originated in Africa and the Middle East more than 5000 years ago. หมานดี , it is widely practiced in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and other countries in South Asia.

Henna is a part of the pre-wedding ritual in Hinduism and is widely practiced by Muslim brides as well. The henna designs are often elaborate. Grooms are also given henna designs on their hands and feet. It is said that if the groom can find his name in the intricate designs, it indicates a strong relationship and compatibility between partners.

In addition to this, mhandee is also involved in community activities that promote the importance of peace and harmony. We have conducted workshops with children on drawing peace symbols, origami paper cranes and drumming sessions. We have also distributed books on peace to children and youth.